Buying process for a condo at Quartier 440

If you wish to receive more information concerning Quartier 440, please do not hesitate to contact us by email, by phone or come meet one our consultants at our sales office.

Step 1: The visit

When you meet our housing consultants, you will have the opportunity to visit our model condo, discover the different models available, view the plans in detail as well as get some valuable information about the material and the finishing's offered. Our sales center has been designed to provide all the necessary information about the various aspects of Quartier 440.

Step 2: Choose your condo and reserve it

After selecting the unit that best suits you, you have the option to reserve it for seven (7) days. A 1000$ deposit is required for the reservation. This deposit will be applied to the sales price when purchasing the unit and is fully reimbursed if the purchase never takes place.

Step 3: Signing the offer to purchase

When the time comes to sign the offer to purchase, our housing consultant will present you with a preliminary contract. This document mentions the delivery date of your condo as well as all additional deposits required for the purchase. A 5% deposit will be required when signing the offer to purchase.

Step 4: Mortgage selection

Our consultants will advise you and direct you to the financial institutions that Constructions Alexandre typically deals with on behalf of its clients. Constructions Alexandre will work with you to get the lowest guaranteed rate possible and get you the mortgage approval you need (if required).

Step of 5: Choice of finishing's

At this step, our consultants will contact you for a meeting to choose the materials and finishing's for your condo. The wide choice of colors, hardwood floors, tiles, cabinets, counters and more offered by Quartier 440 will allow you to customize your condo according to your taste while respecting your budget.

Step 6: Reminder

Three to four weeks prior to the delivery of your unit, you will receive a letter or an email informing you, in detail, of the procedure to come. At this time, you will contact our notary, as well as your mortgage specialist and provide them with all necessary elements to prepare the deed of sale. You may, upon request, visit your unit during the construction.

Step 7: Inspection

Once the condo is complete, you will proceed to the final inspection with your housing consultant who will perform a walkthrough and make note of adjustments to be made prior to delivery (if needed). Such adjustments will be noted on a walkthrough certificate and signed by all parties prior to delivery at the notary.

Step 8: The notarized deed of sale

The notarized deed of sale may now be signed. The Notary, Marie-Hélène Périgny, will proceed with the necessary adjustments (municipal taxes, condo fees, maintenance fees, etc.) and will provide you with a copy of the declaration of co-ownership, your certificate of location and your deed of sale. You are now the owner of a new, quality condo by Constructions Alexandre. You will receive the keys and can now move into your new condo!

Step 9: After-sale service

To ensure complete customer satisfaction, the customer service team at Constructions Alexandre are available at any time to ensure that your new condo exceeds all your expectations.

The Constructions Alexandre Guarantee

Constructions Alexandre ensures that all its real estate developments meet the highest industry standards for quality. Quartier 440 offers the Constructions Alexandre Guarantee. The Constructions Alexandre Guarantee is a supplemental warranty to the APCHQ warranty and does not bind or extend in any way the APCHQ residential building guarantee. The Constructions Alexandre Guarantee applies to all the private portions of the building. Constructions Alexandre guarantees the correction, at no additional cost to its customers, of poor workmanship as referred to in Article 2120 of the Civil Code of Quebec, existing but not apparent at the time of acceptance of the private portion and discovered within one year of the aforementioned acceptance date.

This guarantee applies only if the poor workmanship of the private portion is reported, in writing, within a reasonable delay, which may not exceed six (6) months of its discovery. The present warranty does not limit and does not add to any other guarantor of obligations for which Constructions Alexandre is legally liable.

This warranty plan exceeds the industry norms in terms of investment protection for the buyer and is a testament of professionalism. The builder is also a member of the APCHQ, an accreditation that certifies it's high level of quality constructions and offers the APCHQ residential building guarantee to all its clients. To learn more about the advantages of our warranty plan, please contact one of our housing consultants.

We thank you for trusting Constructions Alexandre for the purchase of your new condominium!